#166, or There Must be Some Happiness in This Day… Right?

Yup. See title.

It’s been an interesting day in this house. I thought about pretending nothing was happening in an effort to keep the blog light and airy but some days really suck. Some days your fiance suddenly gets laid off with a bunch of other people out of the blue and you see your blog about happiness as the last thing you want to do. And you sit on the couch convinced something good happened today and this can’t possibly overshadow the entire day.

And you struggle.

But you decide that you have great friends and family. Both of you.

This maybe isn’t news since they were all by your side when your fiance was in surgery last year but still, they’re really sticking around eh?

The friends and family who have offered up shoulders, alcohol, help, prayers, and warm wishes. They’re sort of amazing – those folks. So maybe what happened really did kind of overshadow the day a bit but maybe it was good to be reminded in the new year that the people that love and care for you are still around. And maybe you wish you could thank them all and bake a million cookies and hug every one but you can’t.

You just hope they know how much their kind words and efforts mean to you and your fiance at all the times they’ve needed it most.
“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.” Chuck Palahniuk

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