#168, or Photography is Fun, I’m Glad we Have Stuff

I wonder what my photography professor thinks of me after seeing my photos each new week with pictures of weird things like Star Wars light sabres, lego men, robots, and of course this week, the start of Aliens. I’m fairly certain he probably thinks I’m a weirdo. And that’s okay. The massive about of weird trinkets and toys in this house have really helped with all of my weekly photography projects. I have an array of subjects at my beck and call.

This morning I was walking around old town with my camera and I felt so serene. It was sort of amazing. I really do find comfort when I’m stretching my creative legs. This morning was cold and wintery. Old town, as per usual for a Sunday, was quiet as can be and I loved it.

My mind was quiet. I was just looking for photographs. I don’t have time to worry about things I need to do or things that are less than awesome. I need to focus on finding the angles around town that might make for an interesting picture. It felt sort of fantastic in all the right ways.

Don’t tell David but I’m sort of in love with my camera. He might not mind though since we’re pretty open like that.

First step, photos of Aliens figurines. Next step, Playboy!! Wait no… I mean National Geographic… yea… moving photos and whatever… Not naked ladies. That would be awkward.

“The person who seeks all their applause from outside has their happiness in another’s keeping.” Dale Carnegie

See, no one is applauding me from the outside so clearly, I am onto something.

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