#169, or Juliet’s First Hardcore Song, or This Girl Kills Me

Before you read today’s post, you need to watch THIS . It’s only 59 seconds and it’s adorable and it’s worth your time.

That girl. Is fantastic. Seriously. She’s off the charts adorbz. I’m sure adorbz isn’t what one goes for when one performs a hardcore song but still – her spirit is infectious. Hardcore music isn’t really my thing. It’s so not my thing that I keep accidentally typing hardcord instead of hardcore. But it’s David’s thing and I think it’s awesome kids like this that could maybe convince him that he doesn’t need to be as frightened of our theoretical future children.

Also, whether you have kids or not, whether you want them or not, you’ve got to give it to the girl – she’s kind of a rockstar. Not in the fame whore kind of way but in the genuine, I’m a rock star and I am awesome just for being me sort of way. The girl’s got spunk and damn if she doesn’t know how to use it.

I didn’t meet me at eight years old since I was busy being me but I’m pretty sure I was shy. And quiet. And some sort of uber amalgamation of the two. I wasn’t particularly confident I don’t think. This girl knows something most young girls don’t – that she’s down right awesome just the way she is.

I look forward to her next video. It’s going to rawk.

“I don’t sing because I’m happy. I’m happy because I sing.” William James

Sing on little sister Juliet, sing on.

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