#170, or Meeting New Friends, or We Really Need to Stop Hanging Out in the Kitchen

So tonight we currently have some folks hanging in our kitchen. Three new friends – hurray!

Yes, I said they’re hanging in our kitchen. David has this thing against sitting down so he hangs out in the kitchen and for some reason, everyone else hangs outwith him. I don’t get it. So I sit on the counter. And currently, I sit on the counter to chat and type. I’m sort of fantastic like that.

It’s nice to get to know new people. Even if they end up sucking (shh don’t tell them I said that, they can hear me) it’s still nice to venture out. Making friends as an adult is hard. When you don’t have a class with someone or work with people, where do you turn? Oh man, I should invent an e-harmony style website except for adult friendship!!

Hmm. I’m worried that this would end in more one night stands than friendship. Does anyone have any constructive ideas on how I can create this MEGA AWESOME website without it turning into a sex factory? No? Too hard?

Hah.. too hard… hah… get it?!?

Anyway. I like making new friends. Particularly when they’re not awkward. Although I’m awkward but that’s a whole other blog post.

I’m trying to focus on this blog post but everyone in real life keeps talking to me so I guess I’ll let it go. Dammit all!! STUPID REAL LIFE FRIENDS RUINING MY INTERNET BLOG TYPING!

“Man must search for what is right, and let happiness come on its own.” Johann Pestalozzi

Come on round happiness.

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