#171, or Feeling Proud of Myself, or Staying on Track – Huzzah!

Once upon a time I lived in a world where the holidays didn’t win. I could make it through the holiday season without losing track of my exercise routine and without eating my face off.

This year, holidays won.

I spent a month not exercising and I replaced my exercising routine with a fabulous eating routine (mostly sweets). Every week I said to myself that next week I would get back on track. Every week I said “Well, this week there’s lots of things happening though so next week will be the week.” Fun fact, next week was never the week. Until recently of course.

I am now officially two weeks back into to working out and eating better and damn I’m proud. The miles are getting easier again. Eating healthy is so much easier when I’m working out – and vice versa. I’m not drinking alcohol on weekdays but if I do it’s just a glass (maybe two) of red wine and even that is rare.

Right before the holidays I was feeling more in control of my body and healthier than ever before. I was like “Damn yo, I look gooood.” I lost sight of that for the sake of Santa Claus and Christmas fudge. We all deserve to indulge a bit but I really forgot what I was doing. And I paid for it. I started waking up in the morning feeling like poo and staying that way. Did not like. No sir.

Today felt extra special though. Today I am tired. I am down right exhausted. Today I am running on 5ish hours of sleep and had homework to do. Today I could have come home and said that I was tired and had too much to do so my working out would have to wait. Instead, I ran two miles. It was particularly rewarding because the two miles didn’t hurt nearly as much as I was expecting them to with my tiredpants on. Hurray for me.

I even got support from passers-by! I like to think that the creepy dudes that drive by and do the trite, BEEP BEEP thang as they mosey on by are saying “KEEP RUNNING” in a positive, encouraging sort of way and not “SWEET ASS” which is more likely what they’re trying to say. Not that I’m full of myself – dudes around here will probably beep at anything that resembles a female. I just like to think that the neighborhood is full of positive and encouraging fellow runners instead of totes creepyasaurauses. Beep all you want sirs, I’ll hear what I want.

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. Benjamin Franklin

Immna catch it cuz I’m so speedy with my running! Vrroom! I’m comin to getcha happiness!!

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