#172, or A New Friend and Checklists, or if That Didn’t Get You Excited I Don’t Know What Will

I’ll start in reverse order because I’m cool like that.

-Checklists. Go ahead – tell me you don’t love them. You can’t, because they’re awesome. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, I have a new way to enact listage. As it turns out, living in a space that’s four times the size of your first apartment together requires more cleaning than the original space. Crazy? I know!

So I made a list. We now have a totally adorable (and I’m sure David agrees) list to refer to for things we can clean daily and weekly. It’s a short list – don’t worry I’m not a crazy person. Well okay, I am, but not that crazy. Now I can check off things and feel accomplished and accountable. This is my mission to keep the house clean regularly and dammit – it’s going to work.

-New Friend. Hey, blog shout out to Trish! As I mentioned before, making new friends is hard. It’s also hard when we seem to only live within a reasonable distance to a handful of friends. By reasonable I mean less than 15 minutes because I’m lazy and I don’t want to drive far.

I met Trish (and her husband) earlier this week on new friend night and tonight she was all up on Facebook like YO I NEED SUMFIN TA DO! Maybe she used different words but that’s beside the point. So I was all “YO GURRL GETCHO FINE ASS ON OVA HERE”. Again, maybe different words. Don’t quote me. Either way, she, living 10ish minutes away, hopped on over.

We had some lovely girltalk and watched an episode of Doctor Who. It was such a delightful evening! I’m quite the chatterbox and it’s always nice (slash hard) to find other lady friends that talk as much as I do and that I can go back and forth in conversation with. It was a very balanced talksesh. I like that about chats. I’m pretty sure we could talk for hours.

Partially because we’re new friends and have much to share. Partially because we’re talkers. Good times. I think if I gathered my best friends in a room and threw Trish in there we could all collectively not stop talking for at least a week. At least. And it would be the Best. Week. Evar. FRIENDSHIP TIME TO THE MAX!!! RAAAAHHHHHH!!!

“The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Tonight we had less boredom and as far as I know, minimal pain. Successualish!

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