#174, or Supper Club, or I Have Cool Friends

Fureal fureal, I have cool friends. Well, okay now that I’m a part of a couple I suppose I have to say “we” have cool friends. Whatever.

Anyway, we still have some folks over but we’re partying hardy on a Saturday night. By partying hardy I mean hanging out in the living room watching TV. That’s how we get down. We’re basically party animals.

I have a killer migraine and want to fight someone over it but I’m being strong and living with the pain because I’m enjoying friendship time. Tonight I made beer can chicken (with Guinness duh) and I think it was pretty great. David made vegetarian chili (with veggie protein crumbles) and it was faboosh so I think I came in second place in this house but it was still pretty decent.

We had a menagerie of friends over tonight and it was pretty much a funtasm. They’re all great. There had been talk of nerdy things, makeup, and… well I don’t know but other stuff has been discussed I’m sure. Oh and did I mention that everyone has brought over yummyness? I may have missed that. People brought over food and you may have missed it but I sort of love food. Like… a lot. So, our friends are pretty cool.

Tonight is grand. I love basking in food and friendship. I think the only way it gets better than that is basking in both of those things and family. Hurrah. I love love love our friends. See? See how I said “our”? Because we don’t have seperate friends because we’re getting married?

Everything that’s his is ours. Everything that’s mine is mine.

Marriage is going to rock.

” Happiness is a form of courage.” Holbrook Jackson

I am so courageous on a regular basis. I am so strong. Go me.

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