#175, or Camera Day, or I Need to Recharge the Battery Now

I started the day attempting self portraits – got that in.

Then I took my camera to church to get some photos.

Then I went out to the battlefield to do a photo shoot with Holly and Ben.

Then I took some photos of my parents.

Then I started a couple of edits.

Damn, yo. It was camera day.

Taking pictures at the church was quite an experiment because the lighting varies so much in every part of the building. The front of the sanctuary is lighted differently than the back which has different lighting than the balcony which has different lighting than the foyer which has different lighting than the fellowship hall.

It was an experiment in fully understanding the settings on my camera for sure.

Meandering out in the battlefield with Holly and Ben was fun because the lighting was gorgeous and the barren trees made for a really fun background. My first photo edit from their shoot today is probably one of my top five favorite photos I’ve taken so far (check out my Twitter feed to the right, there’s a link to the image in one of my latest tweets). I got some fairly adorbz photos of the two of them staring into each others’ eyes. Sometimes lovingly. Oh and Holly, you were really comfortable in front of the camera so you best be expecting that I’ll be stealing you for more fun photo shoots so long as you’re my friend. I have just made you my own personal go-to model. You win.

My parents took me out to dinner tonight too but not before a solid 10 minutes or so of awkward photo-taking. My parents do not particularly enjoy being in front of the camera. They’re not very willing subjects but they lived through it. That’s probably why they had beer at dinner – to wash away the trauma of being in another mini photo shoot of mine.

Overall, even though my migraine has lasted through the day, I feel like today was successful. I took around 1300 photos (at least 5 of which are decent), got to see my parents (thanks for dinner!) and got my homework done at a decent time. Awesomesauce.

I didn’t get to work on my cardboard monsters though so that will be my weekday project this week. Monsters raaah!

“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” Allan K. Chalmers

Hmm… Do. Love. Hope. I like that. That should be a sign. Like a physical sign, not a metaphorical sign.

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