#176, or Connecting With Other Bloggers. or Hey I Love You Blogosphere

I’ve been blogging for a hot minute now and it’s taken me a while to reach out to other bloggers. There’s this interesting paradox where I think what I’m saying is interesting enough to at least write a blog but not interesting enough to comment on other blogs. I think “Oh, they don’t want to hear what I have to say” but I get excited when someone comments on mine. I’ve gathered a handful of followers that I’ve never met and it’s been great but I haven’t been reaching out.

The past week or so and particularly today I have had a chance to finally get involved and excited about other writers. I have been trolling around WordPress finding a bunch of new bloggers with all sorts of ideas. Life, love, religion, feminism, television, etc etc. I have started to build my army of witty, intelligent, and interesting writers. We shall unite and — um…

Instruct the world on the proper use of the Oxford comma?

Okay so we’ll really have to brainstorm on our mission and our ability to carry it out but the army is being build nonetheless.

I love being able to appreciate words from strangers that resonate somewhere in me with some big or small piece of my life. It’s one of the fantastically great explorations of the fabulous interwebz – we can reach out to complete strangers and find a friend. Ish.

So thanks for being interesting, fellow bloggers. I’m loving getting to know all of you and getting lost in your words.

You’re fab.

“I’m so happy because today I found my friends – they’re in my head.” Kurt Cobain

I have so many new friends in my head that you should probably be jealous.


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