#177, or My Tattoo Artist Has a Vision, or Almost Time for New Artz

I’ve been talking to my tattoo artist since around Thanksgiving about a tattoo I’ve wanted to get for years but struggled to really conceptualize. I wasn’t able to draw it or find inspiration online to show someone. I had a sort of idea and nowhere to go with it.

Then I had this silly idea that maybe, this gal that’s tattooed me a couple of times before and who’s art I respect might, just might have an idea of where to go with it.

In two very long, very detailed emails I explained to her the story of this, the most detailed and largest tattoo I’d get so far and she kindly responded – and not with “OMG girl you’re effing nutsack crazy.” Instead she gladly took on the challenge. She’s checked in with me here and there since then as I get more excited every time.

I want it to as perfect as possible so having told an artist – please make me this – I’m okay with giving her some time of course. Although this past weekend I ended up leaving the marathon of NY Ink on while cleaning and such and got suuuuuper excited for my next tattoo. And the tattoo after that (shhh).

Then today I heard from her. Today she said she has a vision and she finally sees somewhere she can take this idea.

She. Has. A. Vision.

Hell yes.

I’m one step closer to the tattoo I’ve had stewing in my brain for years. More arts! On me!

Yes, that means more reason for people to think I’m a trashy, satan-worshipping whore but I’ll just keep enjoying the chance to prove them wrong. Continually expressing myself through physical art – that crazy new fad – is something I really enjoy.

Oh and shout out to Mattel for the controversial tattooed Barbie. Some day if I have a daughter (or son) that plays with Barbies she (or he) can have one that kind of looks like mommy! How cute! Now if only she could have slightly more realistic proportions! Or I’d settle just for smaller Barbie boobs.

I digress. The point is. Art is awesome. In the world. On walls, on computers, on my skin. I like it. And I can’t wait to have the story of my upcoming tattoo with me permanently in all of it’s detailed, colory goodness.

Hell yea.

“You will never be happier than you expect. To change your happiness, change your expectation.” Bette Davis

Well then, I expect elation. Pure, overwhelming elation. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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