#178, or Taxes and Other Stuff, or Yes I Just Said Taxes

All regular every day politics aside – I’m grateful for some provisions within the current tax system that allow me a moderately decent refund. Enough of a refund to pay off some store credit cards, pay for my new tattoo, and put a good chunk into the wedding fund.


I filed 8 days ago and this morning I got my moneyz from the government. Thanks government! I considered using the money on prostitutes and coke but went the more responsible route instead. Lame, I know. It’s nice though to be able to count on a yearly addition to my normally mundane cash flow.

Also nice? Having money for a new tattoo (that you may have read about yesterday).

Furtherly nice? Money in the wedding fund. Having to save money to pay for this will be quite an experiment but it’s really cool to see that David and I really can afford to put money aside monthly for big expenses, and in not a terribly long time. This gives me hope for our future – vacations here I come! I’m sure David’s first thought after reading that sentence was – yay we can save up for a TV that size of a house – but no David, we are going on vacation.

Oh and to celebrate I bought myself Chipotle for lunch. I like eating Chipotle for lunch because I’m genuinely not hungry again until breakfast so it saves me a lot of time in having to think about meals and the like. I was really not happy with the Chipotle after…oh… 20 feet into today’s run but you will not conquer me spicy nomz! I ran two hilly miles through the heart burn and did yoga afterwards. So suck it, food that makes me not want to work out – I win. I worked out anyway. Boom.

Additional oh – I updated my website with a new flash site. Awesomeness abounds. I even added new photos from my recent photo shoot with Holly and Ben – hurray! Check it out!

Things are good. Life is good. Sometimes it’s boring but it’s still good.

“Having a great intellect is no path to being happy.” Stephen Fry

Well… I feel much better then.


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