Daily Archives: February 2, 2012

#179, or Early Sleepy Bedtime, or I’m Basically an Old Woman

Let’s go melatonin! Let’s do this.

I haven’t been sleeping well this week – although that seems to happen every three weeks or so – and last night was no exception. I listed to Snoreball grunt a bunch but couldn’t find the sleepies behind my eyes. Tonight I have sworn I will have lights out by 9PM and I am going to wake up feeling refreshing like a pretty flower tomorrow!

I did a pretty rockstar yoga session today after my run and I think having done yoga the past three days has maybe calmed my mind juuuust a bit. This yoga session was a little more advanced than I thought it was so there were times I had to stay in the beginning of a pose but it definitely pushed my body anyway so I’m satisfied.

As I type I am actively relaxing my brain and body in an effort to have the best weekday sleep evar. As most people know, weekdays are not prime sleeping days. I can sleep half a day away on weekends if David never comes to wake me up. I like my sleep.

So tonight, I write a totally boresauce post because my mind is already trying to fall asleep and I’m happy about the sleep action to come. If you’re jealous, you probably should be. I’m going to get like… eight hours of sleep tonight. Baller!

“No one’s really happy anyway, it’s not human.” Billie Joe Armstrong

Idunno Billie, I know you’re hip and xxhardxcorexx and punk rawk and all that but really, happiness is pretty awesome. Oh and pretty real too.