#183, or One Half Year of Daily Optimism Down, One to Go!!

Okay  so this one required a bit of rounding since 365 divided by is actually 182.5 but I used some of the smerts I learned in math class to round up.

I am at the halfway point. Amazingly, it has been half a year since I started writing in this blog daily. When you consider the random missed days, it’s been longer than half a year since I truly started. That’s pretty awesome. I sort of hoped that by now I’d have a million readers and I’m definitely short of that but I still have a fairly solid readership and it’s growing every week so I’m proud of that.

I still have days (at least one a week) when I almost forget to post my blog which is certainly a lesson in building habits but most days I have a moment where I consider “Hmm, what will I write in my blog today?” When something great happens I get excited to write about it. I may still be struggling to make writing a daily habit but noticing something happy every day has become a part of my life like I never imagined.

I am already much more cognizant of the good things in my world- big and small. Some days are easier than others but I suppose that’s a part of the lesson of this blog.

This feels sort of similar to a run. When I run in the neighborhood I run away from the house and back to the house the same route. It’s always an awesome feeling when I turn around and head back home. The glorious halfway point is rejuvenating. That’s when I get my second wind and start kicking more ass in my runs.

So now it’s time to start kicking more ass in my blog.

It’s you and me, blog. You and me.

“Happiness, it is said, is seldom found by those who seek it, and never by those who seek it for themselves.” F. Emerson Andrews

Too bad F. I’m seeking it. And I’m seeking it a lot.

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