#186, or Trish Date, or Hanging Outness

Okay I would like to post lots of things but my brain isn’t functioning right. I’ve had wine and pizza and friendship time and I am almost incapable of making complete sentences.

It was absolutely lovely to have Trish over tonight and have ooooooodles of girl chat. We also had oodles of wine. Coincidence? Probably. We talked about loads of things like friendship, families, weddingness, et cetera, et cetera. Did I mention I love having a friend that lives so close? Because I love having a friend that lives so close.

I had my usual Friday treat of a McDonald’s frappe on my way to work. The drive home was half decent.I thought about doing homework but drank wine instead. I watched wedding shows. I hung out with Trish.

This Friday started out pretty mediocre but ended quite delightfully. With friendship and wine and a full belly.

Oh, also, there was pizza.

And chocolate.

Om nom noms.

Happy weekend y’all. Go get your friendship on!

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