#189, or Yesterday Was Good Enough for Today Too

Last night at about 12:30AM I realized I forgot to post my blog (did I mention I still forget to post my blog?) and it occured to me to hop up and write it.

Then I considered that I had already passed the threshold of the day so whatever, time for sleep. Nevermind that it took me a hundred years to fall asleep. The point is that I attempted. Don’t be sad, I’m still here, just some days work/homework/life takes over and it turns out that posting every day isn’t as easy as you think.

So get off my back okay?!?!

Aaaaanyway. Yesterday was a delight. We moseyed around DC with the lovely Maggie Winters for a somewhat impromptu photo adventure. We had another (top secret) plan in mind for the day but we’ll need to pull some more things together before that happens. So now there’s photos of us running around DC being chased by monsters.

No seriously.

On top of that, The Walking Dead started back up again last night so my life is no longer void of zombies (phew).

Today was Monday as per usual, long and tiring, but the fun from yesterday gets to count for today so it all evens out.

Plus I’m watching The Voice and this show is so fanfreakingtastic I can’t even stand it.

Oh hai – have you checked out my website lately? It’s pretty presh.

“Having a great intellect is no path to being happy.” Stephen Fry

Well… that’s a relief.

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