#192, or Hanging with my Roomie, or Andrea’s Pretty Okay I Guess

Today I had an impromptu hangout sesh with our new roomie Andrea and I gotta say – I didn’t hate it. Not that we haven’t spent time hanging out and talking before but tonight there was a lot of it. We went for a two mile walk (felt awesome) then hung out drinking beer and chatting for the next some odd hours.

I think most adults dream of living in their own and being grown uppy but it’s not as easy as it sounds and living with roommates is much more common than I would have thought ten years ago. I thought, you go to school, get a job, and get a house with your lover or an apartment of your own. That’s how it happens right? That’s it? Adults don’t have roommates. Certainly engaged/married adults don’t have roommates.

But they do. They really do and we’re not alone. It makes much more sense economically for everyone involved and allows us to have the big house we want with space to move and shake and … Zumba.

I have had some shitty roommates – all of them men – and I am ever so grateful to have a roommate I don”t hate. Even better to have a roomie I can get along with. Tonight we had ladychat time sharing stories and talking to the cat. It was sort of loverly.

It was even awesomer because most notes consist of me coming home to work on the computer and/or watch TV. I’m fine with that. I like it that way. I like quiet alone time. But it was pretty neat to come home , go on a walk, eat dinner, and chat without ever turning on the TV. I don’t talk much right when I get home from work so it was quite a change.

So hurray for Andrea. Now I’m just hoping she doesn’t turn into a crazy/messy/evil/etc. person (I’m watching you). If she does, I’ll just have to show her the business. Yea Andrea, get scared. Get very scared!

Okay I think the point that your laptop touchpad erases your entire entry (thank god for the “undo” option) is the time to walk away from the computer. Sweet dreams everyone – the weekend starts tomorrow  and that’s pretty damn fantastic.

“So long as we can lose any happiness, we possess some.” Booth Tarkington

I have a lot to lose in the way of happiness. And for that, I am grateful.

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