#193, or Dinner with Jackie, or Everything is Better on Friday

I had a precious little dinnerfest with Jackie tonight and it was a nice way to end the week slash start the weekend. We live just far enough away from each other for it to be irritating to visit the other person so we probably don’t hang out as much as we should but as we all know, life gets in the way sometimes and if we’re being real, 30 miles in Northern VA is like 60 miles in the rest of the country.

Never mind that I was 30 minutes late because I couldn’t find the restaurant. Oh, did I mention that I drove through the parking lot of the place thinking it was a different restaurant? Cuz I did. Twice. Jackie’s phone was dead so I couldn’t call for assistance and my GPS kept telling me I was there and I was all “No I’m not, GPS!” and it was all “Guuurl, yes you iiiis” and it was a very tough time. Then I realized I was a jackass and was driving in circles around the restaurant the whole time.

Good job, me. Good job.

It worked out though because Jackie didn’t even show up until 10 minutes after I got there so I only felt moderately like an ass. I considered messing with her and telling her I’d been waiting foreeeeeever but I’m no good with practical jokes. Womp womp.

My brain is a little wonky today because I had coffee for breakfast. 1) Just coffee. Not coffee and _____. 2) I’m caffeine sensitive. Very caffeine sensitive. Summation: Poor choice. Now that my brain and body are all tired out though, I think I’m going to sleep tight and cozy tonight.

Okay I’m pretty sure typing that means that I just jinxed myself but  I don’t think that erasing it will help my jinx so I’m leaving it there.

On that note – send me some positive thoughts for a comfortable happy sleep. Ready? Go!


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