#195, or I Got Thangs Done Today, or I’m Sort of a Beast

Today I:

Washed/dried/folded and hung(my part anyway) six loads of laundry. Side note: we maybe haven’t done laundry in like a week and a half. Oops?

Swept the whole downstairs.

Mopped the whole downstairs

Swept our bathroom.

Mopped our bathroom.

Vacuumed the upstairs hallway, our bedroom, and the stairs.

Cleaned all of the surfaces in the kitchen – including the dishwasher that seems to be perpetually dirty (the outside of it I mean).

Cleaned David’s side of the bedroom. Yea, he’s a lucky guy.

Organized and cleaned off our bathroom sink.

Cleaned our bathroom mirror.

Made the Lady Library look a tad more organized.

Participated in three class discussions – posting a total of 10 times.

Submitted a proposal on how my team will complete a project (as team leader).

Submitted a rough draft of an eight-page ad spread.

Completed a 30 page step-by-step task in InDesign.

Edited and submitted a photo essay.

Submitted a write up of the story behind the photo essay and the techniques used to capture the photos.

Submitted a concept development paper for my next photo shoot.

Took a shower. This kept getting postponed and almost didn’t happen because I kept telling myself that I was going to workout today – got dressed and everything – and was waiting to shower until after I worked out. As it turns out, I just did not have the time (weird).


Summation: I just kicked Sunday’s ass.


“Happiness is never stopping to think if you are.” Palmer Sondreal

Well if that’s the case then this blog is a means to make me very unhappy. How ironically counterproductive.

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I love writing, photography, art, design, and dancing around. I make things out of other things. I bake with my heart. . View all posts by Sabrina

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