#197, or I Kicked my Own Ass Today, or Tuesday is Better Than Monday

Ka chow! I’m feeling kind of energized right now when I should be feeling kind of sleeping and I think part of that is because I worked out tonight and it was awesome.

I rely a lot on videos to help me figure out what strength/yoga things to do on the days I do more than run but not because I don’t know what to do. I use videos because they’re easier. When I was a personal trainer I used to hate planning my workouts because I spent the entire day planning everyone else’s workouts. I was burnt out from the planning of it all.

Balance push and pull. Left and right. Front and back. Don’t forget rotation. Work small muscles in with big for maximum burn. Add cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up. Don’t work anything more than anything else. Keep your stomach pulled in. Knees in line with your ankles and always behind your toes. Chin up. Use your back but don’t lift with your back. Wrists straight.

Are you tired yet? Because I sure am.

The point is, there are a lot of rules. If I was an average Jane that didn’t know anything about exercise and could just do random workouts and be happy I would but I know the rules. I know the shoulds and should nots. I can’t just forget them so if I do my own workout it has to have all of this.

Today, I rocked the house. I ran and came home to do a full body circuit workout that had me making weird noises and faces and breathing heavy. It was so not pretty but it definitely got the job done. I made the workout up as I went along but it was fun. It was nice to remind myself of those two certifications I have and say “Hey Self, remember that other thing you can do? That thing with all the exercising and junk?”

Once upon a time I kicked people’s asses for a living. I also got to know them on a pretty personal level. But more importantly, I kicked their asses.

I used all of my strongs today and it felt goooood.

“To be happy you must be your own sunshine.” Charles Edward Jerningham

I am myyy sunshine. My ooonly suuunshine. I make me haaaappyyy when skiiies are graaay…

The song doesn’t really work as well that way. Also, it sounds way more depressing.

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