#199, or I Took This Picture and I Think it’s Neat, or Friendtime Thursday


I have had quite a lovely Thursday evening. Right now I’m relaxing watching Silent Hill with my fella, Debbie, and Rhys. The movie? Um it’s okay I guess and I probably won’t stay up to watch it all since I have to wake up so early for work but it’s nice to have friendtime anyway. 

Debbie hopped over around dinner time to be my model for the evening. She was a blast to have in the new “studio” downstairs and a pretty natural model. Always pluses. The photo above is my first pick of the whole bunch so far and I really like the photo. Also, I sort of really love this lens. It’s definitely my favorite out of the three we have (one being the kit lens). 

After the photo shoot of fun, we moseyed upstairs to hang out with David and the roomie Andrea while we waited for Rhys to get here. Two glasses of wine later, I’m happy with my Thursday. I’m glad Rhys decided to come hang out since I was comandeering use of his fiance and we can all relax a bit this evening. 

Oh hey – our darling roomie made dinner tonight! That girl. She made  a chicken penne thing – enough for a family of eight probably. It was nommy in my belly. Yay for roomies. And Morcat. 

I feel like this week kind of zoomed by although I seem to be the only one. I’m stoked that tomorrow is Friday ’cause you know I love my weekends yo.

“A well spent day brings happy sleep.” Leonardo da Vinci

Funny story, I’m about to prove that wrong. Watching horror film before bed  = nightmares fer sher. 

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