#200, or Shut the Front Door – I Just Wrote 200!

Happy #200 y’all!

I’m pretty excited I made it this far. As I’ve said numerous times, this blog isn’t always interesting for you (or me really) but it’s a fun process overall and continues to be a growing process for me as a writer. And as a person. Sometimes it’s good to be forced to appreciate things more because we all know it isn’t easy every day.

I think one of my most favorite parts about writing this blog is when I get to talk about friends/family that made my day. It’s easy to forget to thank the people that are always there for you or let them know how much you appreciate them. It feels so good to publicly declare my love and appreciation for people – to let them know “HEY, I FRIKKEN LOVE YOU OKAY?!” Sure, not all of my friends and family read this but it just makes me feel good to put that positive energy out into the world.

I have started connecting with other bloggers more and have really enjoyed reading about the lives of so many diverse women. Well, mostly women. There’s a guy or two in there but really, let’s talk about how overwhelming girl power is. Pretty overwhelming.

I think I need to listen to Spice Girls now.

Oh hai – did I mention it’s the weekend? Because yea, it’s the weekend. And you know I love me some weekend.

“Happiness is a state of activity.” Aristotle

This is a lie. I am currently in a state of lazily sitting in bed watching TV and I’m pretty damn happy.


Addendum: I just wrote the tags for this post. I’ll bake cookies for any person that can find another post in the blogosphere that tags both Aristotle and the Spice Girls. That’s sort of fantastic.

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