#203, or I’m Basically Famous Now

Perhaps I had a post planned today.

Perhaps it’s Monday and I got to do a happy dance because my writing was featured on one of the blogs I stalk most, Offbeat Bride. I’m a proud member of the Offbeat Bride Tribe of fiance and wife ninjas sent on a mission to save the world wedding support for the left of center.

Perhaps after I realized this, I decided that was my happy post for the day.

Perhaps you should read it.




I’ll wait.




In case you’re wondering, I’ll be in Hoboken and Manhattan this week for my world tour. Please no photos but I’m always available for autographs.

Perhaps I’m taking a melatonin and going to bed early because I’m an 85 year-old woman in a 24 year-old’s body.



“If you want to be happy, be.” Leo Tolstoy

Aaaaaand go!

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I love writing, photography, art, design, and dancing around. I make things out of other things. I bake with my heart. . View all posts by Sabrina

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