#205, or An Unusually Adventerous Wednesday, or Drivey Drive Drive

*I devoured a piece of Benny Todino’s. I somewhat regret this decision but it was good while it lasted so I’ll still count it.

*I left work an hour early.

*It didn’t take us too terribly long to get to Hoboken considering the pouring rain all 200 something miles.

*We’re in Hoboken. Okay so maybe we don’t usually come here for the best reasons but this city has really grown on me.

*The Walking Dead! We’re catching up on this past Sunday’s episode right now. I sure love me some Zombies.

*My parents would take me in before letting me live on the street. Fine – that’s sort of a weird and random thought but it occurred to me out of the blue today. I am grateful for a support system many don’t have.

*Roxy the Sassmobile is getting her oil changed while we’re gone. I bet tonight she’s feeling like totally fresh Sassmobile and can’t wait for me to get back.

*Pay Day! I’m rich y’all!

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2 responses to “#205, or An Unusually Adventerous Wednesday, or Drivey Drive Drive

  • Talking Thirty

    If you have time in Hoboken, check out Carlos Bakery! It’s the bakery that Cake Boss owns and I’ve always wanted to try some treats there to see if they are as good as they look on the show.

    • Sabrina

      Oh they’re definitely delicious. I’ve been there on previous Hoboken trips – the friend we stay with lives a couple blocks away from it. I didn’t have time this trip but I will not leave the city next trip until I’ve got a cannoli!

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