Just so we’re all on the same page: all dogs are puppies. All.

This is Chewy Dalek Johnson. He is a sweetie pie. He was well-trained for sure. He’s so incredibly laid-back and just loves being near people. He’s turned into my second shadow but has also snuggled with everyone that’s walked in the door today.  He sits on command. He’s house trained. He’s good with dogs, cats, and kids. I luff him.

He was surrendered by the owner because he killed a rabbit and a chicken (beagle = hunter) and because he has skin issues that the vet at the SPCA believes is an allergy slash food sensitivity. That’s like returning a cat for killing a mouse and a bird – SILLINESS. He’s an itchy fella so we’re trying to feed him a special food brand until we talk to his new vet.

And oh hey, I gave him a bath tonight and he just sort of hung out. He tried to step out of the tub once and I moved him back. I was prepared for the worst but he just sort of put up with it. And now he smells less like shelter and more like regular dog.

He’s a suspiciously good pup and I love him dearly.

My next step is to train him to pick out my clothes for the day and get me dressed without waking me.

Although before that I need to work on his farting and snoring. This farting-on-mom thing is not okay. And his snores sound just like David when he’s stuffy. QUIET DOWN SNOREBERT THE SECOND!

Everyone I know should bring their dogs over for a play date. Maybe not on the same day because Chewy would get confused but you know… in increments or whatever.

I think, in honor of new mister puppay’s middle name, I will now watch some Doctor Who. This is a great idea. I am a genius.

Bask in my genius.

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