#210, or I Will Walk and Then Walk Some More, or Office Job Will Not be the End of Me

I have two new life regimens that involve walking and I’m pretty happy about that. My current job allows for quite a bit of sitting. At my last desk job I had to walk to different parts of the building on a regular basis. The job before that, I had to share a desk so I did loads of walking and standing.

I’m still more in shape now than I was when I was working as a personal trainer (go figure) but the always-sitting thing is really getting to me. So much sitting! I’m a mega-fidgeter so that helps to keep my body alive and awake but sometimes I just need to move much more than my job allows.

That in mind, I’ve started bringing sneakers so I can walk on my lunch break. I don’t always walk – sometimes I have errands to run, sometimes the weather is horrid – but the option is there more often than not. The weather is getting nicer and it’s time for me to mosey around.

Also, I got a puppaaaaaaaay. In the short time we’ve had him we’ve learned a valuable fact – if he goes on a good walk before bed he doesn’t get up a million times and get all antsy while we’re trying to sleep. Very important fact. So now I have a new walking routine with the little guy; a mile before bed. I’ve really enjoyed it so far – even in the cold – because it gets me out of the house into the crisp night air. The stars are out. The neighborhood is quiet. It’s sort of heavenly. I absolutely can’t wait until summer when I get to do that walk during warm and lively summer nights. I’m already looking forward to it.

So there you have it. Lots of miles. Most days of the week. I love walking. It makes me feel good. I love outside. It makes me feel gooder. This is a nice step toward relaxing my mind and body every day. And that certainly feels like some pretty extreme happiness to me already.


“The gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it.” Andrew Dunbar

Oooh presents! I love presents!

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