#211, or My Weekdays Keep Getting Interestinger, or Self-Control FTW

This day started out like most other weekdays: mosey to work, work, lunch – except I made last minute plans to take the pup to the vet to hopefully get some help for his issues. The (2+ hour) appointment was sort of overwhelming but I count it as a happy note because I feel good about our new vet. I also feel like we got some solid answers and help for Chewy. Staying positive that this new information will guide us in the direction of awesome healing for a well-deserved little guy.

Having medicated him good, he’s a sleepy puppay so I’m pretty sure we’ll both get some ace sleep tonight. Maybe David will too! Hah, that was funny.

I am also patting myself on the back for being awesome and eating well for three days in a row now and working out three days in a row. Holler. Tomorrow is my off day for working out and I’ll be out with my parents so it will probably be a cheat day on food too but I feel like I’m getting a half-decent hold again on my fitness as a whole. Not just the diet or just the working out. Boom. Gettin’ fit y’all.

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that my new workout regimen is kicking my ass. Seriously. A lot. I’m a sweaty disgusting mess at the end of each workout and I looooove it. I feel weak and strong at the same time. Very complex-like.

So basically, even while taking care of my sick dog I’m getting sexier every second. Are you intimidated by my overwhelming beauty?

I know it’s pretty intense but don’t be scared.

“Sabrina is awesome and she’s the happiest person I know.” Someone Really Important

No? That doesn’t work as a quote?

Weird. I’m pretty sure it does. And it’s accurate.

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