I like my life

I would just like to state for the record that I am content. I sometimes joke about the parts of my life that others don’t understand. If you don’t go to restaurants or movies all the time people think you are weird. My husband and I live a country life and are working towards becoming more self sustaining. It’s hard to explain to others who prefer shopping and restaurants instead.

I enjoyed learning how to can my own food and then create my own recipe to use it. I like the smell of dirt. Surprisingly, my favorite smell is fresh basil but lilacs come a very close second.

I’ve started the seedlings for some of the items we will grow this summer. Gardening is one of my favortite things to do. My husband is more of the harvester. He likes to monitor the growth of the plant and make sure they are insect free which works for me since he has more attention to detail. I would prefer to wing it, but I don’t think he could handle that. Not enough structure in winging it.

We have learned something so far this year in our garden. I appears that moles don’t like garlic since they dug around it to get wherever they were going. This is good to know.

By the way, if you come to my house for dinner and I say I like doing my dishes while we talk, don’t get up. Seriously, I mean it. I like doing dishes, yeah, I said it and I mean it. It isn’t a chore to me and having you shove yourself into me to get to the dishrag is just wrong. So please, next time, stay in your seat and lets continue our lovely chat.

Sabrina’s Mom

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