Idiot lights, brakes and idiots

I went into the dealer for the “check engine light”. Of course they asked about the gas cap but that wasn’t it. It was actually an upgrade to the computer that was needed. So I left with an upgrade and new brakes.

Which is good for you since you seem to think its perfectly fine to pull in front me of when just when I get close to your side road. This wouldn’t be a problem if you could find your gas pedal since I am coming at you doing 55 miles per hour. You can’t even tell me you can’t see me because it is dark out and my headlights are on. What are you thinking? Seriously. You know you never speed up enough and then get mad at me for coming up behind you fast. I wouldn’t think you were such a moron if there was a line of cars behind me but there isn’t. Its just me. I am pretty sure not all of you numb nuts are having an emergency so some of you must not be awake when you pull this stupid stunt.

So the next time you want to pull out in front of someone going 55, think about it first. Do you drive a 350Z, Corvette or any other car that has the ability to go from 0 to 55 in less than a minute? No, you don’t. I know because I get a close up view of you. And lastly, this is what you are teaching your children to do when they drive. So don’t give them attitude when they do it, they learned it from you.

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