How to know your child loves you?

Last week my son and his family were visiting and I saw something that made me stop for a moment and reflect on the parents my son and daughter in law are and how their sons feel about them. Needless to say I am very proud of them. He and his wife impress me constantly with their strength in their relationship and their commitment to their children.

I know, you are wondering how this ties into the title. One day my son and daughter in law were going out and the boys were on the patio playing. Keep in mind that my patio is made of bricks. Not five minutes later they came back up the driveway for a forgotten item and the boys moved towards the driveway in excitement shouting Mama, Daddy figuring correctly that this was who they expected to see come around the last corner up the driveway.

Out of the car steps my son, the oldest grandson was making his way to the end of the patio when he saw his father coming towards him. He was literally jumping for joy that they were back. The youngest is 16 months and he is a handfull already. Well, this little guy was off and running, all the while shouting Daddy because he could see him coming.  He ran into the rubber ball on the patio and went into a rolling tumble, head over heels. He came up from the roll, got to his feet, continued to run while still yelling Daddy. He greeted the boys and went into the house. They then turned their attention to the driveway looking for Mama and saw her still in the car, so they waved and shouted to Mama in the car, as if she had been gone for hours and not minutes.

I don’t really know how to express the heartfelt feelings I had when seeing such joy on the faces of the boys. I cannot imagine a better validation of how much those parents are loved, when you consider that the little one had rolled over a ball on a brick patio, had bump on his head and scratches on his arm but he never stopped to acknowledge it or ever paid attention to it. His goal was his parents.


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