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#213, or Adventures in New Adventures!

Things are a-changin’ !

Time to get excited y’all!

Tonight I’m debuting my new secret project in all of it’s secret project glory. Check out Fit . Laugh . Love , my new blog site.

I’ve been really torn about the direction I’ve wanted to go with my blogging and where I’m taking it all. So torn, in fact, that I started a second blog to share random thoughts about…things. I kept looking at my two setups thinking about how discombobulated it all was. One of my favorite bloggers writes often about how bloggers should never, under any circumstances, start a second blog. Do one and do it well.

So that’s my focus. Writing a blog and doing it well and oh yea – being passionate about it. I realized that some of my favorite posts here have been about eating right and working out. I feel proud and I always want to share what I know with others to maybe inspire them to make some little fit life changes too. I really love the new site I’ve built and I hope that you all do too.

But I’m sure you’re dying to know what will become of this blog. Well, it won’t get lost in the world and the journey will continue on. My hilarious parents will be jumping in as guest authors indefinitely, taking on the task of writing about their happiness daily. Guess what, parents? It’s not as easy as it sounds ūüėČ and be sure not to run over your internet quota out there!

This particular post is a lovely story of new beginnings. A new blog beginning for me. A new beginning/awakening in this blog. Here is to a new blog life for me and a new life to this one. Hurray!

Oh, and welcome, mom and dad, glad to have you here!

Did I mention that you should check out Fit . Laugh . Love ?


#183, or One Half Year of Daily Optimism Down, One to Go!!

Okay  so this one required a bit of rounding since 365 divided by is actually 182.5 but I used some of the smerts I learned in math class to round up.

I am at the halfway point. Amazingly, it has been half a year since I started writing in this blog daily. When you consider the random missed days, it’s been longer than half a year since I truly started. That’s pretty awesome. I sort of hoped that by now I’d have a million readers and I’m definitely short of that but I still have a fairly solid readership and it’s growing every week so I’m proud of that.

I still have days (at least one a week) when I almost forget to post my blog which is certainly a lesson in building habits but most days I have a moment where I consider “Hmm, what will I write in my blog today?” When something great happens I get excited to write about it.¬†I may still be struggling to make writing a daily habit but noticing something happy every day has become a part of my life like I never imagined.

I am already much more¬†cognizant¬†of the good things in my world- big and small. Some days are easier than others but I suppose that’s a part of the lesson of this blog.

This feels sort of similar to a run. When I run in the neighborhood I run away from the house and back to the house the same route. It’s always an awesome feeling when I turn around and head back home. The glorious halfway point is¬†rejuvenating. That’s when I get my second wind and start kicking more ass in my runs.

So now it’s time to start kicking more ass in my blog.

It’s you and me, blog. You and me.

“Happiness, it is said, is seldom found by those who seek it, and never by those who seek it for themselves.” F. Emerson Andrews

Too bad F. I’m seeking it. And I’m seeking it a lot.

#133, or Monday Relaxation Station, or Yea – I Didn’t Post Yesterday-What of it?

Okay so I didn’t post yesterday. I realized this early this morning on my way to work, driving in the masses of Northern Virginia.

There have been many reasons posts have been put up late. Some because I thought I posted but it turned out to be a draft. Some because I thought I posted and it didn’t exist. Some because I posted after midnight and it didn’t really count.

But yesterday?

Yesterday I straight up forgot. I was in vacation brain. My winter break started the second I finished my last final.

My apologies to my admiring masses. I know that I’m basically a local author celebrity so I’m sure you were all just dying to read whatever nonsense I wrote.

In awesomer news – today I got some fantastic girl-time with Kirsten. In fact, she’s still here!

We have had some stellar time talking about life, love, and everything in between. I also enjoyed some wine because um, hello, it’s my first weekday of winter break which basically makes it a holiday.

Tomorrow at work is going to be rough on account of the not going to bed at the normal time I go to bed but it will have been worth it because it was the most eventful Monday in roughly a hundred years. Partly because Monday is boring but major partly because wine plus girlchat with Kirsten is very time and brain-consuming is awesome.

I am thoroughly enjoying some time to relax and do the girl thing which I don’t get often. And I’m relaxing in David’s sweatshirt/track jacket thing which makes it more cozy. Don’t tell David though. He mostly doesn’t read this blog so I don’t have to worry about him being concerned with me wearing his track jacket. But when he goes to put on this particular track jackety type attire later in the week and it smells like a pretty girl – he might have an idea.

Today, work was crazy. Life was crazy. Awesome things are happening in my life all around that I’m so excited about I could pee but I don’t want to get overly excited so here’s the deal:

Monday: happy things: girlchat, no school.

Sunday: happy things: time with parents, decorating for Christmas, bonding time with my mom.

The end.


Scary best friends. 

#116, or I Have a Bright Future, or I Did Some Important Stuff Once

I don’t know how it happened but I stumbled upon some old high school blogs of mine. Then I happened upon one that I created after a certain senior year event.

(If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you can read the old Washington Post article here. )

Then I started moseying through the interwebz of wonder and I found a bunch of websites that talked about the controversy – me included. It was sort of interesting. I had only ever done this once and it was right after everything blew up. After that I wanted to just walk away from the drama so I didn’t look at anything anyone wrote about me.

Today I got to find out some pretty awesome things and I took away a lot.

Bless her heart. She has the courage of her convictions that a lot of people, teens and adults, lack.”

That girl has a bright future head of her.

I hope she continues to write.

People said these things about me. Complete strangers sent their kind thoughts into the universe encouraging me to write and to express myself. They saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.

And that I still struggle to see in myself.

I’m a fairly confident person but having changed majors more than three times and knowing I have six years (ish) of college under my belt with two to go has put a bit of a damper on that. At times I struggle between wanting to live my life carefree and trying to get schoolwork done. I love what I am studying but I constantly wonder if what I create is good enough. I write this blog and I know that it is fun for me but I wonder if it benefits anyone else or if anyone still reads it. I work hard and I try to save but often I end up spending money on little things like baking supplies and craft supplies to give stuff to people I love.

I am a twenty-something in limbo and as an Optimistic Olive I keep my head up but it’s safe to say that I have moments where I think “What am I doing with my life?” Reading back through that article and the subsequent conversation it started on the internet I felt inspiried.

It’s not an overwhelming sort of¬†inspiration¬†but I feel a bit of a renewed sense of excitement about my future and faith in myself. Also, about my writing. I have this dream of writing a children’s book, or a funny novel, or a blog that makes me lots of money and I don’t know that any of those will ever happen but a girl can dream.

Today I am happy because I am remembering that I have potential and that dammit, I have a bright future. I made a difference at 17 and I’ll be damned if that’s my biggest impact on this world.

The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” Albert Schweitzer

#80, or a New Blog Direction, or A Whole New Wooorld (Don’t You Dare Close Your Eyes!)

After some careful thought, I have decided to take my blog in a new direction.

It will still be along the same lines as it currently is but with a bit of a new spin. A new direction but not a new direction.

I am roughly %22 of the way through my year of happy posts and I think that this is a good move to make for at least the next %22 if not the rest of the year. It is going to be happy and uplifting and hopefully will inspire you to live a gracious life with an optimistic attitude.

I’m not telling you what this new direction is – you’ll just have to find out at the official unveiling during tomorrow’s post¬† and I know you can’t wait to tune in. You won’t have to sit on the edge of your seat for long – just a mere day – but I promise that when you check this blog out tomorrow you won’t be disappointed with the half-new direction. You may smile, you may laugh, you may even cry.

If you hate it, pretend to like it. If you like it – keep coming back for more.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and filling you all in on the newness of my blog – complete with new layout and everything! Today I am happy because I have a renewed excitement in this project and a surprise – I love surprises.

Be happy or die.” Rob Cohen

This is slightly more final than I would suggest but I support the all-or-nothing approach here Robbie.

#59, or Baking Date, or Hey Jody Again!

Jody, I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your chair all night waiting to see if you made a third post and hey – you did!

Tonight I had a baking date with Jody and baby and we made the kitchen smell like heaven. I made my signature Sabrina’s special healthyish-but-you-wouldn’t-know-it chocolate chip cookies and Jackie made streusal cupcakes. The cookies are being split 3 ways – 2 bags being taken with David to New York tomorrow to give to other doctors of his and 1 container coming with me to work for my coworkers. The cupcakes are for them too (I hope they appreciate it).

Tomorrow I plan to leave the goodies along with the buttons for the half-marathon fundraiser along with a sheet saying to please take a nom and consider donating. I’ll also let them know they can order cupcakes and other delicious goodies from Jody to help the cause. I’m feeling like we’re not making nearly as much progress as I would like to so I am hoping that this gives a kick start.

You can donate HERE . Or read our training blog HERE. Or order baked goods from Jody’s Sweet Treats HERE. Or come out to our fundraiser night (Thursday, Oct 6) at Fire Works Pizza in Arlington – a 10$ wristband gets you drink and food specials all night and there will be raffles going for neat stuffs. Share the link, share the love.

I wish I had more time to bake and just as soon as my life has settled down a bit (see: circa January 2012) I look forward to having hobbies again. It should be an absolute blast. I look forward to scheduling baking dates with all my baking gal-pals in the near future. Nomz.

Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.” Marcus Aurelius

That’s sort of true. I had cookies and cookie dough for dinner and that made me pretty happy.

#35, or Jumbley Late Thoughts, or I Make the Rules Here

This post is happening on my Blackberry due to my current position. I am out and about enjoying an evening with some good people. Today’s post, due to it’s phoneness, is going to be a little different.

Bullets. Everyone loves bullets.

-I ran 5 miles today without music. The first half kind of sucked but I seemed to get some sudden inspiration for the second half. What was my inspiration (you may ask)? I started thinking about my design final project and got super stoked putting it together in my head. Then suddenly the run was over. Whaaa?

-I won trivia two out of three times tonight. The underdog just rocked this house. Did it hurt everybody? Don’t cry.

-I slept in today. I slept until almost 11AM. That felt absolutely fantastical. First day sleeping in for quite a while and I loved all the sleepy sleepness of it.

-My blog for the day is a little late but only because I’m having a fun night. That’s an a-okay reason too.

Happy Saturday everyone. I’m about to have a week without work and that will be niiiice.

I love you. I love weekends. I love life.

Tell me a story?