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#212, or Bowling with my Parents, or Fun and Secrets

Don’t judge me but I totally pulled something in my back while bowling with my parents tonight. Yea, I’m a winner. I’m sure it has to do with my horrible form (I suck at bowling) but I’ll just pretend it’s related to some outside source that’s just really not my fault at all.

I’m incredibly tired today and the games seemed to be going longer than anyone was used to but it was still nice to do something a little different during the week.  Also, on account of being all grown-uppy, I of course don’t live with my parents so it’s nice to have some time to hang out with them.

I also happen to be excited about a new top secret project. It’s so top secret that no one knows what it is because I am going to surprise the woooooorld. This is funny because I say this and then it’s going to be this totally boring project that makes everyone go “Uuhhh… was that it?”

So hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have told you I have a secret project. Maybe if I don’t tell you, you’ll be more excited by way of complete surprise.

Okay, so forget what I said about the top secret project. That never happened. Just focus on the bowling.


“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.” Mildred Barthel 

I don’t know. Happiness seems to be pretty automatic when I eat chocolate. That’s just pure science.


#166, or There Must be Some Happiness in This Day… Right?

Yup. See title.

It’s been an interesting day in this house. I thought about pretending nothing was happening in an effort to keep the blog light and airy but some days really suck. Some days your fiance suddenly gets laid off with a bunch of other people out of the blue and you see your blog about happiness as the last thing you want to do. And you sit on the couch convinced something good happened today and this can’t possibly overshadow the entire day.

And you struggle.

But you decide that you have great friends and family. Both of you.

This maybe isn’t news since they were all by your side when your fiance was in surgery last year but still, they’re really sticking around eh?

The friends and family who have offered up shoulders, alcohol, help, prayers, and warm wishes. They’re sort of amazing – those folks. So maybe what happened really did kind of overshadow the day a bit but maybe it was good to be reminded in the new year that the people that love and care for you are still around. And maybe you wish you could thank them all and bake a million cookies and hug every one but you can’t.

You just hope they know how much their kind words and efforts mean to you and your fiance at all the times they’ve needed it most.
“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.” Chuck Palahniuk

#146, or Best Christmas Evaaaar (So Far)

This Christmas equals Awesome with a capital a (clearly).

David is like…a  hundred years older than me and has been married before so he’s done this whole – two family holiday thing before in some aspect I’m sure. This, however, was my first time. I know that last year – if I remember correctly – he came to visit my house after Thanksgiving dinner and I went to visit his house after Christmas dinner.

This year though was our first attempt at splitting the holidays betwixt our families. I’d say we did a pretty good job.

I have always been close with my mother and the older I get the more I love the holidays with my family. It’s probably because I get funnier every year and every year they are able to appreciate it more. But as someone that is close to her family, I wanted nothing to change. I wanted my holidays to stay the same. This was the first Christmas that I didn’t spend all day with my parents and that was definitely a change – a hard one to be honest – but it was a fantastic day all around.

I loved waking up this morning with my parents and David to open presents , have Christmas breakfast, and be lazy for the following three hours. I loved sitting on my butt for half of the day watching the Doctor Who marathon. I loved hiking over to my future brother/sister-in-laws house and having dinner with them too.

I’m so excited that next year David and I will be in a house and be able to decorate for the holidays. Being at his family’s house was just the inspiration I needed. Their house is so awesomely Christmas-tastic that I was basically in decoration-heaven because I’m so frigging pumped about Christmasthings.

Today I had a new kind of Christmas. Today I celebrated with both of my families (one as per usual and one new) and I had an absolute blast. It may not have always looked like it because I have been craaaazy tired (I can’t sleep when I’m waiting for Santa to come) all day but trust – I was.

We even capped it off with a feel good movie. Go see We Bought a Zoo. It made me tear up and was totally adorbz. Feelgoodness all over.

Growing up/on/at all is weird. And hard. And fun. And sad. And good. And every emotion that has ever existing in the world of emotions. I think that the best people – the ones that truly get something out of this life are the ones that are always growing and open to change. Today was change and I am grateful that I let myself give into it because it was more than I ever could have asked for. I am lucky to have family to share today with and I am excited that David and I are creating our own special family that will someday grow too, just as we are every day.

I hope that everyone’s day – whether you celebrate Christmas or not – was at least one percent as lovely as mine because that would be more than enough.

Oh and David let me ramble on for a solid five minutes about how I love the story lines in Doctor Who and how, as a writer, I appreciate the fascinating intricacies and entirely new and inventive plots that keep this long-running series alive. He at least deserves a cookie for that.

Maybe not a cookie. Because maybe I’ve had enough fattening food and sweets in the past 48 hours to destroy my organs forever.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll go for a run and drink a smoothie.

Or maybe I’ll just eat more brownies and watch the Doctor Who Christmas special I DVRed…

#145, or Christmas Eve with my Familia, or Christmas Car Bombs

Okay so I would have had a picture for today’s blog but my Google adventures were really depressing. Somehow it ended up that we all did an Irish Car Bomb, aptly renamed Christmas Car Bombs, and when you Google Christmas Car Bomb you actually just find a bunch of really depressing photos of actual bombs. Definitely not the Christmas spirit. Definitely depressing.

Anyway. The point here is that it’s Christmas Eve. So far we have opened our Christmas Eve presents (jammies) and continued on with good food and good conversation. My parents got me footy pajamas with Rudolph feet that I’m totally going to rock when I go to sleep tonight and wait for Santa. Also, David will probably fall in love with me all over again when he sees me in them. Because me plus Christmas Spirit equals beautiful. I dare you to say it doesn’t. IT DOES.

So we’re having a couple drinks, talking a bunch, and getting ready for our night waiting for Santa. In the morning, since we’re staying here tonight, we’ll all wake up and share the joys of Christmas that Santa brought us. It should be very exciting. I have an idea of some of the stuff Santa is bringing to my parents but shhh don’t tell them.

Since we’ve lived in Virginia our holidays have changed. They used to be about running from family to family to do the big dinner thing and chat with everyone. Now that it’s just my parents in Virginia we just do the holidays with them which – no offense to extended family – makes for a fun holiday. We spend our time in sweats, hanging out, drinking, and eating. It’s a great time for all. It was nice with the bigger family together but it wasn’t as intimate and ultimately – like all big family holidays – someone gets upset with someone else and the drama continues on for another grand holiday. I love that with my family we keep it small and fun.

I wish my brother and his family could join us for the ridiculousness that has become the holidays since we’ve moved to Virginia but he doesn’t visit for the holidays anymore so he hangs with his other family. I suspect there’s a lot of driving back and forth to visit the families. This year being the first that we have to divide between two families, I certainly don’t envy the balancing act a family has to do when there’s remarriage in the family. So many families – so little time! I am grateful that my parents are still together and David’s parents are still together. This makes the holdiays – at least while we are in the same state as them – much easier.

I am having a blast bonding with my awesome parents and my lovely fiance so I must get back to the fun. I hope that anyone that reads this today has a grand Christmas Eve or December 24th. This weekend is turning out pretty great so far. This was what I needed and I am beyond grateful that I have such great people in my life. Happy  Christmas Eve. Happy Christmas Car Bombs everyone. Enjoy!

#123, or My First Family Card Adventure EVAR, or Yay Christmas Fun Alwaysforever

The holidays are upon us – huzzah! I’m a Christmasaurus. I love Christmas. I love the holiday season. I love it so so so much I could just burst. PEW

When I was a nanny the family I worked for introduced me to the wonderful world of Shutterfly. They made these super cute holiday cards with the kids on the front and I was blown away. They looked great and they were affordable – how do you go wrong?

Growing up, sometimes we would send holiday cards, sometimes we wouldn’t. My mom started doing it more as we got older – probably because she had more time without the damn kids running around all the time. I’ve always dreamt of the day I would start sending out my own family holiday cards.

No seriously.

I did.

I’m that dorky.

One year I tried sending out some holiday cards on my own but there wasn’t enough oomph to them.

This year though… this year is the start of something so awesome. Today I put together and ordered our first holiday card as a future official family! *squeee*

I’m not going to post it because I want it to be a surprise for the people that get them (because obviously you’ve waited your whole life for this and I wouldn’t want to ruin all you fun) but trust that they’re adorable. It felt so awesome to make my very first family card. David doesn’t like pictures but funny story – if he thinks he’s getting out of this deal ever he’s so screwed. Picture cards forever!

Oh and in awesomeness – I order them today and I already got an email saying they have been made and are on their way. What?!?! So stoked! Ka-chow!

Yay we’re getting married. Yay we’re building a family. Yay for Christmas, holiday cards, and new beginnings.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” George Bernard Shaw

Well I’m in.


#94, or The Things I Love Episode, or Yay for Lots of Stuff!

I Googled “lots of things” and that image is what came up. I support that —–>


Welcome to the Things I Love edition of this blog. There’s no one particular thing I want to focus on today so I ‘m just going to share some general things on my mind.

1. Wine in my belly (thanks Mom – gotta love a wine-tastic Tuesday night)

2. My fiance – and saying the words “my fiance”. Way to leave me alone with two bottles of wine. Don’t worry – I’m only opening one tonight.

3. My bridal party. As of today, my small but fantastic bridal party is fully assembled and they’re even more excited about being there for me and helping me than I ever could have imagined. Love you girls!

4. Sunny fall days. Today was lovely. Let’s keep it up, Mother Nature.

5. Did I say wine already?

6. My new work hours. I switched to 7-4. It kind of sucks to wake up before 6AM but it’s amazing to cut my total daily commute time MORE than in half. And getting home before 5 makes me feel like I have lots of time to do… I dunno… things…?

7. Family. I love my family. I love my future family-in-law. I love my friends that are practically family anyway. I am surrounded by amazing people on a fairly regular basis. I am blessed and I am grateful.

Happy Tuesday all! I hope yours is all full of lovely thoughts as mine is!

When you are happy you can forgive a great deal.” Princess Diana

Well then call me the queen of forgiveness these days.

#83, or My Brother and His Family, or Did it Just Get Forty Times Louder in Here or is That Just Me?

My brother and I have never been two peas in a pod. Well okay that’s not true. I thought he was just the bee’s knees when I was like two… but as adults I don’t follow him around and ask to play with his cars all of the time. For one because that would be difficult considering he lives hundreds of miles away and for two because… well toy cars really just don’t excite me like they did when I was two.

Anyway, we’re not alike. He’s taller than me and when he had hair it was blonde with blue eyes. I have brown hair and brown eyes and if we didn’t each look like other members of our family I’d swear one of us was a giant adoption secret.

We are not very alike in many ways at all – looks or personality wise. We are incredibly alike however, in the smartassery that our parents passed onto us. Like many of the Jess or Rogers clan that came before us – we have  sarcastic and/or asinine comment for pretty much anything you will ever say to us. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s funny to just us. It’s never not funny… to us anyway. It’s the Jess gift/curse. I, much like my brother, always think I am hi-lar-i-ous. It’s just too bad the rest of the world doesn’t find my smartass remarks as funny 24/7 like I do,

I am happy that my brother and his family are in town for a weekish. I hope that it is a delightful little visit full of sea, sand, sun and surprises.

Or just fun… and beer/food.

Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.” St. Augustine.

I don’t think I live to make happiness impossible so I suppose that’s got to put me on some sort of good track… I hope…