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#213, or Adventures in New Adventures!

Things are a-changin’ !

Time to get excited y’all!

Tonight I’m debuting my new secret project in all of it’s secret project glory. Check out Fit . Laugh . Love , my new blog site.

I’ve been really torn about the direction I’ve wanted to go with my blogging and where I’m taking it all. So torn, in fact, that I started a second blog to share random thoughts about…things. I kept looking at my two setups thinking about how discombobulated it all was. One of my favorite bloggers writes often about how bloggers should never, under any circumstances, start a second blog. Do one and do it well.

So that’s my focus. Writing a blog and doing it well and oh yea – being passionate about it. I realized that some of my favorite posts here have been about eating right and working out. I feel proud and I always want to share what I know with others to maybe inspire them to make some little fit life changes too. I really love the new site I’ve built and I hope that you all do too.

But I’m sure you’re dying to know what will become of this blog. Well, it won’t get lost in the world and the journey will continue on. My hilarious parents will be jumping in as guest authors indefinitely, taking on the task of writing about their happiness daily. Guess what, parents? It’s not as easy as it sounds 😉 and be sure not to run over your internet quota out there!

This particular post is a lovely story of new beginnings. A new blog beginning for me. A new beginning/awakening in this blog. Here is to a new blog life for me and a new life to this one. Hurray!

Oh, and welcome, mom and dad, glad to have you here!

Did I mention that you should check out Fit . Laugh . Love ?


#212, or Bowling with my Parents, or Fun and Secrets

Don’t judge me but I totally pulled something in my back while bowling with my parents tonight. Yea, I’m a winner. I’m sure it has to do with my horrible form (I suck at bowling) but I’ll just pretend it’s related to some outside source that’s just really not my fault at all.

I’m incredibly tired today and the games seemed to be going longer than anyone was used to but it was still nice to do something a little different during the week.  Also, on account of being all grown-uppy, I of course don’t live with my parents so it’s nice to have some time to hang out with them.

I also happen to be excited about a new top secret project. It’s so top secret that no one knows what it is because I am going to surprise the woooooorld. This is funny because I say this and then it’s going to be this totally boring project that makes everyone go “Uuhhh… was that it?”

So hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have told you I have a secret project. Maybe if I don’t tell you, you’ll be more excited by way of complete surprise.

Okay, so forget what I said about the top secret project. That never happened. Just focus on the bowling.


“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.” Mildred Barthel 

I don’t know. Happiness seems to be pretty automatic when I eat chocolate. That’s just pure science.

#211, or My Weekdays Keep Getting Interestinger, or Self-Control FTW

This day started out like most other weekdays: mosey to work, work, lunch – except I made last minute plans to take the pup to the vet to hopefully get some help for his issues. The (2+ hour) appointment was sort of overwhelming but I count it as a happy note because I feel good about our new vet. I also feel like we got some solid answers and help for Chewy. Staying positive that this new information will guide us in the direction of awesome healing for a well-deserved little guy.

Having medicated him good, he’s a sleepy puppay so I’m pretty sure we’ll both get some ace sleep tonight. Maybe David will too! Hah, that was funny.

I am also patting myself on the back for being awesome and eating well for three days in a row now and working out three days in a row. Holler. Tomorrow is my off day for working out and I’ll be out with my parents so it will probably be a cheat day on food too but I feel like I’m getting a half-decent hold again on my fitness as a whole. Not just the diet or just the working out. Boom. Gettin’ fit y’all.

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that my new workout regimen is kicking my ass. Seriously. A lot. I’m a sweaty disgusting mess at the end of each workout and I looooove it. I feel weak and strong at the same time. Very complex-like.

So basically, even while taking care of my sick dog I’m getting sexier every second. Are you intimidated by my overwhelming beauty?

I know it’s pretty intense but don’t be scared.

“Sabrina is awesome and she’s the happiest person I know.” Someone Really Important

No? That doesn’t work as a quote?

Weird. I’m pretty sure it does. And it’s accurate.

#210, or I Will Walk and Then Walk Some More, or Office Job Will Not be the End of Me

I have two new life regimens that involve walking and I’m pretty happy about that. My current job allows for quite a bit of sitting. At my last desk job I had to walk to different parts of the building on a regular basis. The job before that, I had to share a desk so I did loads of walking and standing.

I’m still more in shape now than I was when I was working as a personal trainer (go figure) but the always-sitting thing is really getting to me. So much sitting! I’m a mega-fidgeter so that helps to keep my body alive and awake but sometimes I just need to move much more than my job allows.

That in mind, I’ve started bringing sneakers so I can walk on my lunch break. I don’t always walk – sometimes I have errands to run, sometimes the weather is horrid – but the option is there more often than not. The weather is getting nicer and it’s time for me to mosey around.

Also, I got a puppaaaaaaaay. In the short time we’ve had him we’ve learned a valuable fact – if he goes on a good walk before bed he doesn’t get up a million times and get all antsy while we’re trying to sleep. Very important fact. So now I have a new walking routine with the little guy; a mile before bed. I’ve really enjoyed it so far – even in the cold – because it gets me out of the house into the crisp night air. The stars are out. The neighborhood is quiet. It’s sort of heavenly. I absolutely can’t wait until summer when I get to do that walk during warm and lively summer nights. I’m already looking forward to it.

So there you have it. Lots of miles. Most days of the week. I love walking. It makes me feel good. I love outside. It makes me feel gooder. This is a nice step toward relaxing my mind and body every day. And that certainly feels like some pretty extreme happiness to me already.


“The gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it.” Andrew Dunbar

Oooh presents! I love presents!




Just so we’re all on the same page: all dogs are puppies. All.

This is Chewy Dalek Johnson. He is a sweetie pie. He was well-trained for sure. He’s so incredibly laid-back and just loves being near people. He’s turned into my second shadow but has also snuggled with everyone that’s walked in the door today.  He sits on command. He’s house trained. He’s good with dogs, cats, and kids. I luff him.

He was surrendered by the owner because he killed a rabbit and a chicken (beagle = hunter) and because he has skin issues that the vet at the SPCA believes is an allergy slash food sensitivity. That’s like returning a cat for killing a mouse and a bird – SILLINESS. He’s an itchy fella so we’re trying to feed him a special food brand until we talk to his new vet.

And oh hey, I gave him a bath tonight and he just sort of hung out. He tried to step out of the tub once and I moved him back. I was prepared for the worst but he just sort of put up with it. And now he smells less like shelter and more like regular dog.

He’s a suspiciously good pup and I love him dearly.

My next step is to train him to pick out my clothes for the day and get me dressed without waking me.

Although before that I need to work on his farting and snoring. This farting-on-mom thing is not okay. And his snores sound just like David when he’s stuffy. QUIET DOWN SNOREBERT THE SECOND!

Everyone I know should bring their dogs over for a play date. Maybe not on the same day because Chewy would get confused but you know… in increments or whatever.

I think, in honor of new mister puppay’s middle name, I will now watch some Doctor Who. This is a great idea. I am a genius.

Bask in my genius.

#207, or There’s a Positive Here, or Rough Friday Will be Okay

Here’s why Friday wasn’t great:

  • There is, in fact, no delivery service for sharp cheese and french bread.
  • My mind powers didn’t work on my laundry so I had to spend at least 15 minutes putting clothes away.
  • I forgot to ask for extra hot sauce on my Chipotle burrito bowl so I had to add more at home myself.

I know what you’re thinking – that poor girl, her life is so incredibly hard. One day she’s rejoicing because her fiance doesn’t have a trace of cancer anymore and the next day she’s picking up her own cheese and bread at the market. But I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m going to be fine. That’s my positive for the day. In spite of the multiple travesties of my very hectic day off of work, I will be fine.


I know, I know. I’m strong and courageous. I get it.


“Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.” Ovid

Soo… I’m not a man which I’m pretty sure means that this quote can’t possible apply to me which, in turn, means I have all rights to continue worrying in pursuit of happiness. Phew. That was close.

#203, or I’m Basically Famous Now

Perhaps I had a post planned today.

Perhaps it’s Monday and I got to do a happy dance because my writing was featured on one of the blogs I stalk most, Offbeat Bride. I’m a proud member of the Offbeat Bride Tribe of fiance and wife ninjas sent on a mission to save the world wedding support for the left of center.

Perhaps after I realized this, I decided that was my happy post for the day.

Perhaps you should read it.




I’ll wait.




In case you’re wondering, I’ll be in Hoboken and Manhattan this week for my world tour. Please no photos but I’m always available for autographs.

Perhaps I’m taking a melatonin and going to bed early because I’m an 85 year-old woman in a 24 year-old’s body.



“If you want to be happy, be.” Leo Tolstoy

Aaaaaand go!