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#212, or Bowling with my Parents, or Fun and Secrets

Don’t judge me but I totally pulled something in my back while bowling with my parents tonight. Yea, I’m a winner. I’m sure it has to do with my horrible form (I suck at bowling) but I’ll just pretend it’s related to some outside source that’s just really not my fault at all.

I’m incredibly tired today and the games seemed to be going longer than anyone was used to but it was still nice to do something a little different during the week.  Also, on account of being all grown-uppy, I of course don’t live with my parents so it’s nice to have some time to hang out with them.

I also happen to be excited about a new top secret project. It’s so top secret that no one knows what it is because I am going to surprise the woooooorld. This is funny because I say this and then it’s going to be this totally boring project that makes everyone go “Uuhhh… was that it?”

So hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have told you I have a secret project. Maybe if I don’t tell you, you’ll be more excited by way of complete surprise.

Okay, so forget what I said about the top secret project. That never happened. Just focus on the bowling.


“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.” Mildred Barthel 

I don’t know. Happiness seems to be pretty automatic when I eat chocolate. That’s just pure science.


#184, or Making Monsters with Kirsten, or Don’t Ask Why We’re Making Monsters

Phase I of making adorable monsters is done. Phase II to happen later this week. They are cut out and ready to go for painting. Once they’re all painted they can be named and I will love them forever.

I won’t reveal why we’re making monsters because it’s part of a top secret project happening but I will definitely post the pictures of the monsters once they’re all done and ready for life.

Oh hey – apparently regular scissors don’t cut through cardboard boxes too well. Go figure!

Kirsten and I had a fun adventure time figuring out how to cut out of thick TV box cardboard. The trick? We used a box cutter to get the cuts started and since her amazing box cutter didn’t actually cut through the cardboard, we used scissors to finish the cuts. Nay, we used scissors to saw the cuts. One pair of scissors was sacrified for this mission, being turned into two saws instead of one pair of scissors.

They were brave scissors. They went into the darkness with pride. They? It? I know scissors is (are?)  plural but saying “they” seemed too plural. No? Just me?

Moving on.

The monsters are adorable. Girltime is always fun. Did I mention I had some last night with Jody too? I’m rich in lady chat!

Tonight I got to be crafty, spend time with a good friend, and relax a little bit. That’s a pretty good deal.  Now it’s time for me and my migraine of awesome to meander (alliteration!) off to bed.

“Happiness is secured through virtue; it is a good attained by man’s own will.” Thomas Aquinas

Clearly, I am amazing and virtuous otherwise I would not have so many happy moments in my days. Clearly.

#75, or Blood Red Hands, or Finishing My Super Secret Project

My mom tried to take a picture of my entirely red hands but the lighting in the mountain home is not entirely conducive to hand-tint photography. It was pretty awesome to see my artsy red hands at the end of my project.

I always doubt the things I make and whether or not they are “good enough” so I will spend the next couple weeks until it’s unveiling convinced that I could change this or fix that. I can’t do any of these things though because the medium is sort of permanent and my options are – start new or leave it alone. So leave it alone I must. This will be a lesson in acceptance and confidence for me and I think that will be a good practice to try.

I don’t ever think what I’ve made is horrendous but I – like most – am I my own worst critic. I will so though that I think this is one of my best works so far. It made me smile when I was brainstorming and there were multiple times I laughed out loud while I was working on it.

Today I feel like there’s one less thing cramming up my brainspace because I got my creative idea out which is a calming thought. Today I finished a project that made me happy.

So here’s the thing – if it actually does suck – do me a favor and don’t tell me. Lie to me.

Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy.” Gretta Brooker Palmer

In that case, on with the giving!

#72, or Classified Art Project, or My Brainz Say “Art!” not “Sleep”

I should be in bed. But I’m not. Well okay I am in bed but I’m not sleeping. My mind is totally wired. I am in bed at this present moment only because I am forcing myself to stay here and not to keep working on my latest special project. I could probably finish about 9o% of it tonight if I didn’t go to bed (I need to buy a couple more parts) but I am going to do the responsible thing and try to get some rest before work tomorrow instead.

This top secret project is probably one of the funnest I’ve done in quite some time and I will be so excited when I can unveil it’s awesomeness. I’m not going to give any hints about the theme, the reason, the medium, or anything else that will actually help someone figure out what I’m working on.

My only hint for anyone interested: green. Maybe I mean the color green. Maybe the concept is green. Maybe the green relates to something else altogether. Who knows?!

Aren’t you so excited?! Or just irritated that I’m writing an entire blog entry about something I’m not going to give you any information about. It sort of defeats the purpose of a sharing blog doesn’t it? Oh well. I run this show and it’s times like this that you’re reminded of that. Don’t worry, when my art project is released unto the world for whatever reason, I will be certain to share and reference this blog so you can know what the heck I was talking about when I spent a couple paragraphs confusing the crap out of you.

So anyway, the reoccurring theme of artsycraftsy happiness strikes again!

Always leave something to wish for; otherwise you will be miserable from your very happiness.” Baltasar Gracian

See – I’m already on this. I’m wishing to spend more time on my latest project but I am withholding so that I have something to look forward to longer. I am such a genius of happiness. The farther I get into this project the more of a professional happiositer I become.